16oz glass tumbler


1 The Features of 16oz Glass Tumbler

A glass tumbler is a common drinking container made of glass material. It has the characteristics of transparency, sturdiness, heat resistance, and easy cleaning, and is widely used in households, restaurants, and commercial places.

Here are some characteristics and uses of glass tumblers:

Transparency: The transparency of the glass tumbler allows it to clearly display the color and texture of the drink, allowing people to appreciate the appearance of the drink. Transparent materials can also allow people to observe changes in the beverage, such as the melting of ice and the unfolding of tea leaves.

Safety: Glass tumblers have high heat resistance and can accommodate hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate without breaking due to heat. In addition, glass tumblers do not release harmful substances and are harmless to the human body. Cleanliness: Glass tumblers are relatively easy to clean and can be cleaned using a dishwasher or by hand. Glass materials do not absorb odors and odors, and can maintain the original state and pure taste of the tumbler after cleaning.

Multi functional: Glass tumblers are suitable for various beverages, including water, fruit juice, wine, coffee, tea, etc. According to different needs, glass tumblers of different capacities and shapes can be selected.

Reusable: Glass tumblers have high durability and reusability, making them more environmentally friendly compared to disposable tumblers. Using glass tumblers can reduce the generation of plastic waste and be more environmentally friendly.

Whether used daily at home or in restaurants, cafes, and other places, glass tumblers are a common and practical drinking container. Choosing high-quality glass tumblers and using and maintaining them correctly can provide you with a clear, safe, and enjoyable drinking experience.

2 The Informations of 16oz Glass Tumbler

2.1 Minimum order quantities

This 16oz glass tumbler is customizable. Customizing different things results in different minimum order quantities. If the customer customizes the logo, the minimum order quantity is 200 pieces; If the customer customizes 16oz glass tumbler packaging, the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces; If the customer needs to customize graphics, the minimum order quantity is 200 pieces. 

2.2 Lead time

The factory will complete orders for 16oz glass tumblers up to 500 within one day. If the customer purchases more than 500 16oz glass tumblers, the specific delivery time needs to be determined based on the actual situation. In short, the delivery time is 2 to 7 days.

2.3 Size

The diameter of the 16oz glass tumbler is 7.8cm; The height of the16oz glass tumbler is14.5cm; The CTN size of the 16oz glass tumbler is 45*45*20 or 25pcs.

2.4 DIY

Customers can use transfer paper to design their favorite designs on this 16oz glass tumbler. We will also receive pictures of DIY glass tumbles made by different customers. There is nothing more interesting than having a tumbler of your own design.

3  Recommended reason

High aesthetic 16oz glass tumblers keep you fresh in your drinking experience at all times!

I would like to recommend a super practical high aesthetic 16oz glass tumbler to everyone. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a moderate capacity. It won’t be too cold to drink due to too much water in the glass tumbler!

This glass tumbler is made of high-quality glass material and does not contain harmful substances, providing you with a healthy drinking water guarantee. And it is also equipped with a sealing cover, which not only prevents water from overflowing, but also keeps the water fresh.

Not only that, the design of this 16oz glass tumbler is simple and fashionable, with a high appearance value, allowing you to enhance your lifestyle taste while using it. Whether in the office, outdoor sports, or family life, it is your best choice!

To sum up, this high-value and beautiful 16oz glass tumbler with a lid is not only practical, but also fashionable, bringing you a fresh drinking experience. Hurry up and get one to keep yourself fresh at all times!Spend a different slightly tipsy life with a 16oz glass tumbler.

4 User Experience

In a busy life, it is best to relax in a cloudy evening and get slightly tipsy.

Dessert pairing with wine in a glass is the best reward for oneself. Add a touch of haziness to the lazy and comfortable time.

Open a bottle of wine that has been on my mind for a long time. Paired with a uniquely designed 16oz glass tumbler.

Watching the crystal clear red wine in the 16oz glass tumbler, with its transparent body illuminated by the light, enjoying the slightly tipsy rhythm.

I particularly enjoy the crisp and pleasant sound of glasses clinking, with a lingering echo. The curved design of the large glass tumbler belly ensures full contact between the wine and air, narrows the mouth of the glass tumbler, and allows the aroma of the wine to slowly dissipate. It is most important to drink a comfortable wine!

Using 16oz sublimation glass tumbler  to make life more beautiful and fulfilling.

This customizable glass tumbler has a affordable price. He is the king of cost-effectiveness in my mind.

The glass of the 16oz glass tumbler is very transparent, clean and crystal clear! The pattern design is very beautiful, and the refraction effect after pouring in wine is very beautiful.

The first time I made a purchase, I wanted to use it for drinking when guests came to my home. Upon receiving it, I found that the actual product was very beautiful and had a good hand feel. The size of the 16oz glass tumbler was also suitable for girls to hold, and the texture design was beautiful and reasonable. Therefore, the feeling of holding the glass tumbler in my hand was stable. I particularly like this kind of stable and solid glass tumbler(which feels not easy to break). Due to the good texture of the glass tumbler, my friend and I each bought one. I usually use this glass tumbler to make milk tea. My friends use this glass tumbler to drink tea

The biggest feature of this brand’s glass tumblers is their good quality and high cost-effectiveness.

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