20oz travel tumbler



tumbler mug

We can place this tumbler mug on the tea cup holder of the car, and can be easily obtained at any time while driving, ensuring the need for drinking water at any time. You will no longer worry about drinking water while driving. The cup is made by double-layer stainless steel, inner layer can use304 or 316, outer layer 201, or you can choose to use inner and outer both by 304 or 316 stainless steel to make the cup. it is a vacuum layer in the middle, it can keep both cold and hot, and the insulation effect is very good. In summer, you can put in a cup of iced cola and drink it until it is refreshing. In winter, you can contain a warm hot drink to keep you warm all the time.

The cup can also be sprayed with various colors, red, white, blue, black……, No matter what color you like, our color spraying methods can be powder coating, spray painting, electroplating……, and so on. You can also choose to spray colors full of the cup body, or leave the main color of stainless steel up and down. The silver stainless steel will greatly enhance the texture and visual monotony. And the surface of the cup can be made with various logos, patterns, we can do  laser engraved, silk screened, water stick, heat transfer printed, water transfer printed……

There are multiple lids to choose from, including straight drink lids, slide lids, straw lids, and magnetic suction lids, etc. You can choose the lid you like according to your needs. The material grade of the lid is food grade and does not contain BPA, which is absolutely safe and practical. The cup can also be paired with two types of straws, plastic and stainless steel, and there is also a straw brush. After drinking the drink, you can use a straw brush to clean it, ensuring that the straw is clean and hygienic.

The size design of the cup is neither big nor small, and the size is just right. And the slightly smaller belly shape doesn’t look so monotonous. It appears round and full of texture.

After more than 30 years of effort, the company has independent independent development and design capabilities. If you want to design your unique appearance, we can create steel molds according to your needs. This only requires you to provide your design proposal, specific details requirements, and our company will design the initial draft, mold making, sample production, and finished product according to your requirements.

We have very good selling to a lots of area, such as American,Austria, Australia, Mexico, The UAE, Russian and so on, and our customers have consistently praised our products and services, leading to a continuous growth in repeat orders. The company has a complete organizational structure and strictly follows ISO9001 for company management. Product quality always comes first, and every product must be strictly controlled for quality. We must be patient and sincere in serving every customer. The company has excellent and advanced production equipment, and emphasizes strict training for management and production personnel. Every step of production is strict and standardized.

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