A classic coffee mug


These sets of coffee mugs has a directly drink mouth , you can drink coffee or beverages directly, it is a portable bottle with an open lid. The lid switches are very easily. You can easily open the lid with just a flick of your finger, and close the beverage cover with just a simple press.

sets of coffee mugs


you can drink the coffee or beverage directly, it is with a small opening for water to prevent spraying and prevent coughing due to excessive water output.

sets of coffee mugs

The inner layer of the water bottle is made of 304 food grade stainless steel, and it with electrolytic grinding technology. The between the inner and outer layers of the bottle are vacuumed to ensure the brewed coffee does not have any odor, ensuring the original strong and mellow aroma of the coffee. The insulation time can keep more than 12 hours, and the cold insulation can keep more than 24 hours.

The water bottle cover is sealed with good quality food grade silicone sealing ring that is not easy to age or deform. The silicone sealing performance is very strong, and it will not leak water when inverted 360 degrees or shake back.

The bottom of the water bottle has a rubber mat, it can reduce the voice when bottle place on the table, and can increase the stability when bottle place on the bottle , and is not easy to tip over.

The humanized design of the water bottle body, with prominent dents, enhances the sense of security in the grip, prevents slipping when hand hold, and also increases the comfort when hold it.

sets of coffee mugs

We have two different capacities of this water bottle, 510 milliliters and 380 milliliters, with different sizes and styles to meet different people’s needs.

Our company was established in 1993 and has a long history over 30 years. We have multiple subsidiaries, Chengdu Ailin Galaxy E-commence Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the export of all kinds of insulation kitchenware and new energy vehicles. The drink ware water market are mainly in Europe and America, and new energy vehicles are mainly in Central Asia and the Middle East.

Our company has our own R&D team and strong design capabilities, so we can provide customers with various customization, such as drawing processing, sample processing, OEM processing, and material processing. We can also help with free design.so if you have request, please don’t hesitate to let me know your idea.

Also, the color, pattern, and logo of the water bottle can be customized. We usually have 5 colors to choose from, but if you have your favorite color requirements, you can provide us with the PANTONE color code and we can mix new colors for you. But you need to have a quantity of 500 pieces or more at least.

For the pattern or logo on the water bottle, you can provide us with your design documents and send it to us in AI, PDF, JPG, or other high-definition vector graphics that can be edited. we can make a preliminary rendering for your reference.

I Sincerely hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with you in the near future.

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