A coffee cup suitable for home or office use


1. Insulated coffee cup material

1.1 Cup body material

This insulated coffee cup is made of vacuum double walled stainless steel, which ensures the high quality and long-term durability of the cup body. Generally speaking, stainless steel materials are carefully selected and processed during the production process, which not only ensures the smoothness and flatness of the cup surface, but also facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Meanwhile, this material has high strength and hardness, and can maintain basic performance in most environments without damaging the cup.

1.2 Cup lid material

The cup lid adopts a plastic flip type water cup lid, which is mainly used to seal the coffee cup and has good sealing performance. This can not only prevent liquid leakage in the cup, but also prevent dust and debris from entering the water cup. In addition, the plastic flip cup lid can also prevent us from spilling water while drinking, which is very practical for people who enjoy drinking coffee in the office or in the car.

insulated coffee cup

2. insulated coffee cup customization function

2.1 Capacity customization

This insulated coffee cup comes in two sizes: 380ml, 510ml, or customized. The 380ml bottle has a mouth size of approximately 70mm and a height of approximately 145mm; The 510ml bottle has a mouth size of approximately 70mm and a height of approximately 17.2mm. These are the specific information of the two common capacities, and other size information can be customized by contacting us.

2.2 Color customization

We have seven basic colors available, namely red, white, blue, black, pink, etc. These are common color choices for cups on the market. If you need to customize other special colors, you can freely choose colors within Pantone’s strict color matching system and process. We will do our best to meet your requirements.

insulated coffee cup

3. insulated coffee cup body design

This coffee cup design is suitable for EUP holders, making it perfect for both commuting and driving. This can also make it easier for us to carry. At the same time, the design of the cup body is also very simple and elegant, with soft colors selected. The logo can be customized to showcase quality and artistic atmosphere.

4. Order quantity selection for insulated coffee cups

The minimum order quantity for this coffee cup is 200 pieces, which also means you don’t need to stock up in large quantities. You can buy it back and try it out. At the same time, we also offer 4 gears. The first gear ranges from 200 to 499 pieces, the second gear ranges from 500 to 1999 pieces, the third gear ranges from 2000 to 9999 pieces, and the fourth gear ranges from 9999 or above. These four wholesale volumes correspond to different prices. If you purchase a larger quantity, the price will be more favorable.

5. Our services

Our company has rich experience in product design and production processes, and we also accept OEM manufacturing services. Whether you want to own a coffee cup or have it designed and customized by you, we are happy to provide you with the best service.

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