A large capacity handle tumbler


Cup design is paying more and more attention to beauty and fashion. Shape, color matching, design sense is the focus of consumers. As the mainstream model of large capacity cups, this tumbler with straw is deeply loved by the market.

tumbler with straw

1. The exquisite appearance is matched with handles in the same color scheme. The lower part of the cup is designed with a large capacity of 40oz to facilitate placement on the car while ensuring sufficient water storage. The cup shape adopts a small bottom and large top structure.

In order to make the cup more colorful and bring more fun to ordinary life, a contrasting color design is added to the handle to give a sudden and bright feeling. At the same time, to avoid the abrupt feeling of contrasting colors, the handle decoration and cup lid decoration adopt the same color system, perfectly coordinating the abrupt color contrast. Clever design concepts and concepts present the perfection of this cup to users. The handle is made of plastic material, and the part in contact with the hand is made of soft silicone material. When you hold the cup, you won’t feel stiff, but instead a soft and comfortable feeling.

3. The cup body is made of food grade stainless steel. In order to consider cost, most products have specially considered using 304 stainless steel for the inner layer and 201 stainless steel for the outer layer. Of course, if you want to use 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel both inside and outside, we can also do it.

4. The lid is made of food grade new grade polypropylene material, which does not contain bisphenol A. The foggy lid design adds an overall sense of luxury. There is a rota-table dust cover on the lid, which can be rotated to cover the suction nozzle when not in use, providing both dust and insulation.

5. For your convenience in drinking, we also have plastic straws that allow you to drink water without lifting the cup. We also have metal straws to choose from, which can be used directly or fitted with a food grade silicone bend.

6. The cups are also diverse in color. You can choose our stock for quick delivery or customize Pan-tone color codes. Our production time for cups below 3000 is usually 12-15 working days. If you want it faster, we can also do it.

7. You may want to print some beautiful patterns on the cup to attract customers, and also want to print your company name, contact information, website, etc. on the cup to increase the company’s sales and increase its visibility. We can help you achieve all of these. Send us your logo information, such as PDF, JPG, AI format documents or images, so that we can help you print what you want. Firstly, we will create a rendering for your confirmation through the computer, which you can modify at any time. Then, during production, the first production sample will be sent to you through pictures and videos to ensure that we produce the product you need.

After the product is produced, we will provide timely pictures of the finished product and packaging to ensure that you see that your product has been completed. At the same time, during the transportation process, we will inform you of the loading time, departure time, arrival time, and tracking number of the final delivery company in a timely manner.

9. We hope you are satisfied with our service. If you have any requirements or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

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