About 20oz sublimation straight tumbler


Heat sublimation stainless steel insulated mugs suddenly became popular over 3 years ago. These mugs have a coating on the surface that allows us to print some designs on them ourselves, and all it takes is a home oven to make it happen.

Why is heat sublimation thermos cup suddenly in fashion and it is still very popular until now, I think there are some reasons below:

1, 20oz sublimation tumbler is usually white and has some glossy finish, which is beautiful when it’s not being patterned. It’s also a great one for me to buy outright and use.

2, 20oz of this heat sublimation straight cup, is cylindrical, the same diameter from top to bottom, when we put the transfer paper on it, we can make a very even effect. Will not be like other up and down the size of different, even the shape is not cylindrical cup, the pattern will be deformed when put on.

3, transfer paper is also very good to buy, and then with a printer that can print transfer paper, you can play a variety of patterns you want.

4, do not need to entrust the factory to do the pattern of the cup body, the printed paper wrapped in the cup body, put into the oven, the temperature is about 170-200 degrees, dozens of seconds to print the pattern on the cup.

5, you can DIY all kinds of patterns to the cup at home, very convenient.

6, 20oz heat sublimation insulation cups are also relatively cheap, wholesale, each only a little more than 3 U.S. dollars.

7, 20oz cup capacity is also more appropriate, about 591ml, can meet a few hours of drinking water.

8、A lot of friends around you are using it, and you want to use it yourself.

9, if you want to do a little more professional, you can also buy a cup copying machine, Mug heat press machine, the cup will be clamped to quickly make a beautiful pattern. The price is not expensive, probably dozens of dollars a unit.

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