AILIN GALAXY stainless steel thermos flask review


A moderate size, can meet the needs of long-term drinking water thermos flask is more popular. Now I would like to recommend such a product. An even greater feature is that the different capacities of this model have the same caliber. Users can be arbitrarily matched with a variety of lids, you can get different experience.

BPA Free and different kinds of Lid

Eco-friendly lid is extra seal to provide maximum waterproof ability. Every lid is made of food grade material and it is 100% BPA free. Best choice lid that matches your needs.


The water bottle is designed to be more comprehensive. The wide mouth making loading or scoping the water inside, easier and ground radius at the bottom ensures easy cleaning.

Wide Mouth

The large drinking mouth means that you can add ice as u want into your mug, keeping it cold and stay fresh, after finished your drinking ,don’t forget to cleaning ,then it won’t be no longer a problem.

Rounded Bottom

The rounded of the bottom are designed for better show the resistance for temperature keeping, keeps the bottle tough and durable during the using them.


The mug’s lid is designed so that it is can be reassembly complete and install clean all parts .All small parts are safely used even in the dishwasher machine.

Thermal Performance

Our mugs are double layer vacuum insulation will keep drinking warm for 12 hours, and also even for the hot drinks up to 8 hours. Your mug can keep drinks its temperature because the walls have vacuum between the layers if it is used for cold drinks or the vacuum insulation.

Rounded Bottom

The radius of the bottom side is designed for better feature of resistance, keeps the Tumbler tough and durable used.

Safe Materials

The straw inside of tumbler is made of food-grade liquid silicone, high quality and strong, safe for biting. The Tritan made ‘skylight’, which is 100% BPA free and makes you can easily keep track the amount of water inside.

New product development

If you want to custom printed water bottle, when receiving your idea, the first step is to evaluate and draw the roughly structure of the your tumbler, ensure that is fulfill the production requirements and your idea. Then we will make 2D drawing to confirm with your overall appearance for your own project.

Modeling & Prototyping

in the Second step, our designer and structural engineer and production engineer will confirm towards on 3D modeling, preparing for the actual production. During this process. We will arrange a 3D printed drawing, just make sure that the details is complete.

Molding Development

Lastly, the design drawing will be given to the mold factory from another factory. The mold development factory usually takes 40-45 days. When the mold is finished production and ready to use, a sample will be produced for your final approval and adjustment its detail. Last but not the lastly, the product will be sent to your side properly. Then we will get into mass production.

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