Basic Metods of Logo Printing


With the expansion and saturation of the drink ware market, many customers (especially those of small business) have gradually begun to pursue things other than drink ware itself, instead , personalization and specialization of tumblers and thermos have become a trend, and customization services have emerged. As for a drink ware, there are countless things that can be personalized, including cup shape, color capacity, packaging, accessories…etc. But for customers of small or medium business, lightweight customization (printing of logos) on the cup(or tumbler and bottle) surface is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to highlight the personality and feature of their products.

When it comes to printing technology, the three most basic technologies of laser, silk screen and UV printing are unavoidable topics. These three technologies are affordable, and can meet almost all customers’ requirements.

1.Laser Printing

Laser printing is the least expensive of the three methods.
The color of the cup itself is revealed (usually silver for stainless steel cups) by using a laser beam to evaporate the coating material on the surface of the cup.
For small-capacity cups, such as 20oz and 30oz travel car cups, laser printing is more commonly used because printing area is small and the design is relatively simple.
However, due to the straight movement characteristics of the laser beam, laser printing is not suitable for designs with many curves, details, and irregular patterns.

2.Silkscreen Printing

Silk screen printing is a traditional printing method, also a low cost method, more importantly , it is artificial. Workers use a silk screen as a printing plate, and the printing ink passes through the holes of the screen to the printing paper to form patterns or text.

Except for stainless steel tumbler or thermos(travel mug), silk screen printing can also be used on plastic water bottles (such as the motivational plastic water bottle) and ceramics. The ink layer is thick, and has strong adhesion, wear resistance, light resistance and water resistance.Thus the pattern is colorful and smooth.

But usually, it is only suitable for single color. Artificial operating brings deviation. For patterns with two or more than two colors ,especially for those that with interlaced colors, silkscreen printing can’t achieve one hundred percent accuracy. Besides, it can only print on relative flat area.

3.UV Printing

UV printing is one of the most versatile printing methods and is more expensive than the other two methods.

It is a method of printing using ultraviolet curing technology. The ink that the method uses contains ultraviolet curing agent. Through instant curing by ultraviolet rays, the printed matter can be released immediately, improving printing efficiency.

Meeting nearly all kinds of requirements, UV printing is effective with multi-color and large area design, computer controlling allows it to deal with complicated patterns easily. No matter small capacity cups or mugs (ceramic mug, 20oz/30oz travel mug) or bigger capacity water bottle (sports water bottle flask, 40oz tumbler) can all be practiced by UV printing easily.

All in all, the above three methods have their own advantages, and customers can choose according to the desired pattern and price.

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