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Since its establishment, Ailin has experienced 30 years of ups and downs and has grown continuously. The company follows the pace of China’s economy, and with the emergence, development and growth of fashion department stores in China, it has so far developed into a professional boutique fashion brand with extensive influence and market position in Southwest, Northwest and Central China. Business and daily necessities production and wholesale enterprises.



  • 1993

Ailin was established in Chengdu and began to operate luggage products


Skin care business

  • 1998

Expanded the skin care products business, built its own factory and sold skin care products

Develop online channels

  • 2006

Vigorously develop online channels to provide consumers with a more efficient shopping experience


Obtained the right to operate the top hair accessories brand

  • 2008

Obtained the right to operate the top hair accessories brand, with a higher market positioning

Set foot in the household kitchenware industry

  • 2009

Set foot in the household kitchenware industry, focusing on the production and sales of drinkware, calling for healthy drinking water


Increase the development of luggage products

  • 2010

Adjust the business line, increase the development of luggage products, covering three grades of low, medium and high

Form a car company

  • 2016

A car company was established, mainly engaged in car sales and car consulting services


Covering more cities

  • 2019

Accelerate the opening of offline stores and counters in shopping malls, covering more cities