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Дызайн упакоўкі

Дызайн упаковачнай скрынкі Ailin звычайна заснаваны на форме, колеры, матэрыяле і лагатыпе бутэлькі з вадой/стакана. Выберыце адпаведную форму скрынкі і малюнак паверхні, каб пашырыць дызайн, што можа павялічыць эстэтычнасць і абарону бутэлькі з вадой/стакана.

How to start the design of the packaging box?

For a custom water bottle/tumbler, the custom box must match. The envisioned plan can be expanded from 4 aspects:

  • Product pricing

The exquisiteness of the packaging box determines the total cost of the product, and the more high-end and complex box type means the higher the selling price.

  • The function of the packing box

The general function of the box is to protect the product and highlight the grade of the product, but some people will require the box to perform additional functions, such as storage and children’s handmade materials.

  • Opening method

Starting from the consumer experience, you can choose the corresponding opening method.

  • Display content

The box is the first part of the product that the consumer comes into contact with. How to display information will determine the first impression of consumers. It usually contains text information such as water bottle/tumbler features, parameters, company information, etc., as well as picture information such as water bottle/tumbler body and usage scenarios.