Bluetooth speaker cup makes life full of comfort and relaxation


Today’s society is complex and changeable. No matter who you are or where you are, it seems that there is a tense atmosphere everywhere. People’s spirits have been in a state of tension, but no matter what the situation is, we can’t do without a cup of cool and comfortable or warm and stomach-warming hot drink.

20oz straight cup, 30oz car cup, 40oz large-capacity ice cup specially installed Bluetooth speakers on the cup. Through Bluetooth connection to our mobile phone, computer or other audio equipment, we can directly play our favorite music through our drinking cup, making the world instantly beautiful. When we are relaxing, we can play light music to cleanse our hearts, clear our complex thoughts, and eliminate our boredom. When we want to exercise, we play passionate sports music, follow the music and exercise, so that our bodies are active and moving, making us healthier. And all this can be solved with just a water cup. Do you believe it? Don’t worry, this is true. We don’t have to bring a water cup and a bunch of speaker equipment when we go out for travel. This is so beautiful.

The cups are made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, with double-wall structure and hollow interlayer, which can keep the heat and cold absolutely.

The Bluetooth speaker is usually installed at the bottom of the cup, with built-in USB connector and charging port, and is also equipped with colorful lights, which makes the night colorful at night, and makes us feel like we are in a dance hall when dancing. If it is at home, it is probably a good thing that the family can’t put down.

Due to the different types of cups, different types of lids can be selected, such as push-piece lids, direct drinking lids, and straw lids. The 40oz ice cup also has a comfortable handle and a large capacity. It is estimated that a cup of water is enough for travel.

If you are a businessman, the promotion of your business is definitely the top priority of your company’s planning, and it is a headache, right? Then print your logo on this popular cup, and the cup will bring your brand into everyone’s eyes and into everyone’s heart.

The logo has various crafts, and you can choose what kind of craft to do according to your preferences or aesthetics. For example, laser, silk screen, 3D digital printing, embossing… and so on.

The color of the cup is definitely a highlight to attract customers, so choosing the right color is also a very important factor. The season, occasion, and the right crowd can all be references for color selection. Of course, black, white, gray, and red are never-ending fashions. If you have no idea what color to choose, then these color choices will definitely not be wrong and are safe.

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