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Custom Packaging

Ailin equips water bottle/tumbler with neutral unbranded PP bag + white (color) box packaging.

For customers with special needs, Ailin can provide customized packaging boxes of different materials, different processes, and different shapes, which has highlighted the individuality of the product.

Packaging is related to your market positioning of the products.

Common box type

Any box size can be customized according to the demand. The common box types are shown below. If there are special box types, you can contact us

Double plug box

Buckle bottom box

Aircraft box

Heaven and earth box

Drawer box

Sunroof hanging box

Process of custom Packaging

Process of custom mold (1)

Step 1: Confirm box type

Please send the packaging box requirements (and design drawings) to Ailin, and the designer will judge whether it meets the production requirements. The elements that usually need to be determined include packaging ideas, opening methods, and materials.

Step 2: Determine the design drawing

Regardless of whether you have a complete design drawing, the designer will modify and determine the expansion of the box according to the size of the cup

Process of custom mold (3)

Step 3: Payment and production

The customization fee of the packaging box is settled together with the entire order, and Ailin enters the production process after receiving the payment.