Ceramic, Plastic and Glass Drink Ware


In addition to stainless steel cups, drink ware made of other materials also occupy a large part of the cup market. They have characteristics other than insulation thermal mugs. First of all, due to different raw materials, the weight of other cups is generally lower than that of stainless-steel thermos cups with the same capacity, making them more suitable for certain occasions in daily life. Secondly, the prices of other raw materials are also relatively lower than stainless steel.

Ceramic cups are a kind of drinking utensil, which is cheap and looks more suitable for  “daily life” than stainless steel thermos cups(Except for certain handicrafts and artifacts). They are often used as delicate drinking utensils for coffee and tea. Ceramic cups usually have a gentle feeling. Some cups and mugs made of ceramic, especially wood-fired cups, will have fired crystal flakes and metallic luster formed by natural falling ash glaze. Besides, they will not leave a metallic taste like metal cups, which ensures The original taste of the drink.And at the same time, the surface of the ceramic cup is smooth, easy to clean, and will not leave taste or stains. More importantly, the main raw material of ceramic cups is mud, not rare metals, and has less negative impact on the environment.Ceramic insulation sets are one of the most popular products.


But these characteristics above also prevent ceramic cups from having as wide capacity range as stainless steel cups. Its structure decides that a larger capacity will make the ceramic cup brittle, no longer suitable as a convenient tea set, and lose its beauty, Imagine a group of elegant women sitting together, drinking tea from ceramic cups that look like stainless steel thermoses. Besides, not convenient in carrying.

The cost of plastic cups is lower than ceramic cups, and the production process is simpler. Compared with glass or ceramic cups, plastic cups are lighter, easier to carry, anti-fall and durable. They are diverse in color and style and can be selected according to different needs. It has more capacity choice than ceramic mugs, and its weight is lighter than stainless steel cups. Therefore, It is suitable for carrying during sports and fitness. It is convenient and meets the need for large amounts of drinking water.Like the 3 in 1 motivational water bottles sets, combining 3 capacities—2l,0.8l and 0.3l, and the gross weight is still light.

However, plastic cups may not be suitable for use in high-temperature environments, as high temperatures may cause the plastic to deform or break down. When choosing a plastic cup, consider its material and purpose to ensure safety and suitability.

Glass is also a trend.It has good transparency and the contents in the cup can be clearly seen. It is suitable for holding brightly colored drinks. The surface is smooth, wear-resistant and not easy to discolor, making it easy to clean and difficult to adhere to bacteria and dirt.

But like ceramic mugs, glass mugs are also fragile, so care should be taken when using them to avoid collisions

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