Color associations in drinkware


With the popularity of Dopamine outfitters’ match, consumer pay more attention on the colors. In a similar way, designer use different color to match with various location and mood. This article is to introduce colors’ symbol. Colorful drinkware gives consumer different experience.

Color itself do not have any emotion. As we live in a colorful atmosphere in a long term, we accumulate visual experience and will stimulate a kind of emotion which there is any color impact.

Color associations in drinkware

—Red, on behalf of enthusiasm, positivity, which is always used in Christmas, Valentine etc, it is used to set off the atmosphere and reflect the pomp. For example, red drinkware with some festive elements, can stimulate consumption and desire of purchasing, especially in different locations or festivals. Pink stand for romance, love, and friendship.

—Green, is a familiar natural color with permanent life force. It symbolizes growth and prospect. In drinkware, designs for spring and summer would always use green color.

— Yellow, like sunshine, can attract people’s attention rapidly. As this color makes people feel delightful, comfortable and healthy, it is always used to design children’s leisure product. Meanwhile, yellow drinkware gives people a bright feeling.

—Blue, on behalf of faith, intellect, tranquility. Dark blue drinkware is often used for business person.  

—Orange, on behalf of youth, fashion sense, it makes people energetic. It is always used for designing summer product.

—Purple, to describe dreamlike, noble, which make the design mysterious.

—Black, this color represent calm, serious but also formal. Outdoor drinkware using black color will be more resistant to dirt. Black color is commonly used in any scene and material

—White, on behalf of purity, simplicity. White color is same like black, is most commonly used in drinkware. The background is white while there is other colorful pattern.

Color associations in drinkware

The colors used in drinkware design are not the only ones mentioned above, as necessities of life, people always own more than one. Consumer would choose the color, shape, material and design according to different atmosphere and mood.

Consumers would like to choose drinkware in colorful and with many beautiful pattern when they have wonderful mood, while they would use drinkware in dark color when they are not happy. Drinkware’s design for children, is always more interesting with cartoon pattern, cut pet image and etc. These can attract their attention. Designs for adults would be pure color or with simple pattern, which shows mature. People would choose sealed, durable, and portable drinkware in an outdoor environment. There are more chooses for indoor drinkware. Consumer would use drinkware with different material according to the beverage. Drinks with color and wine would be more suitable with glass drinkware, while coffee and tea would be more suitable with ceramic drinkware.

Colorful items bring better experience, make people happy, stimulate the user’s desire to drink water. The color intention is subtle and interesting, and the color heart of consumers has also attracted wide attention of various businesses. A variety of designs meet different consumer markets and people’s need. 

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