About Company


Ailin Industry was established in 1993. Ailin Galaxy is a subsidiary of Ailin Industry, specializing in various household products. We are a 30-year-old commodity company, Your professional OEM/ODM supplier. After 30 years of hard work by Ailin people, it has grown into a comprehensive group covering multiple business lines and multi-category products. Its products are closely related to people’s lives, including drinkware, hair accessories, skin care products, bags and clothing, etc. We have more than 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing water bottles/tumblers/cups, bringing unique and cost-effective products to consumers in different countries and regions around the world. Ailin advocates healthy drinking water and environmental protection, and looks forward to win-win cooperation with partners.


30 years have passed in a flash, but looking back, countless scenes are vivid in my mind. Ailin people have experienced and witnessed the unrepentant journey from scratch, from lessl to more, from small to large.

People-oriented, customer service, solidarity and mutual assistance, simple and efficient. Connect with consumers and drive value with innovation.

Ailin OEM / ODM


15 years+ Focus on water cup manufacturing


20000 square meters+ modern factory


3 design teams +2 mould team


Production lines