custom insulated water bottles


Insulated water bottles are very common daily necessities. It has a shell made of iron sheet, plastic, etc. on the outside, and a bottle liner inside. The bottle liner is made of double-layer glass, with silver and other metals plated on both sides of the interlayer. The middle is vacuumed, and there is a stopper at the bottle mouth, which can maintain the temperature inside the bottle for a long time. The insulation bottle uses the principle of blocking heat transfer to achieve insulation effect. Vacuum flasks are widely used in places with lower temperatures. In addition to its literal insulation function, insulated water bottles also have the functions of keeping cold and fresh.

Large water bottles

Insulated water tumblers can maintain the temperature of the water, which can guarantee the need for hot water of people . This is beneficial for improving people’s quality of life. Our company’s insulated water bottles use 304 stainless steel as the raw material, which will not produce harmful substances or odors during use. The vacuum insulated bottle provides insulation for drinking water, avoiding damage to water quality caused by repeated boiling.

Large water bottles come in nine colors and seven capacities to choose from. It owns double insulated wall, which could having better insulation effect. In addition, we have also designed different bottle caps for this product. Customers can choose new infuser lid or new spout lid.

Our custom insulated water bottles also have different levels of sizes and specifications available including 12 oz, 18 oz, 22 oz, 25 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz, 50 oz, 64 oz, 87 oz and 128 oz. The lid of the thermos is BPA Free Lid. Its surface uses anti-sweat and burn free design, while the interior uses durable stylish and powder coating, which can maintain heat for 12 hours and low temperature for 24 hours. The thermos bottle is made of premium copper coated and vacuum insulation. More importantly, it adopts 18/8 food grade stainless steel, which is very safe for people.

This insulated water cup uses different paints and coatings, including powder coating, gradient powder coating, spray painting, rubber painting, rainbow painting, rose-gold metallic painting, water transfer printing and electroplate. The insulated water cup can also be customized with a logo. The logo of this product is made using methods such as silk-screen printing, laser engraving, digital printing, Em/Debossing, etc. We provide pictures of customized insulated water cups according to different methods, so that customers can have a preliminary understanding of product styles.

In conclusion, our company will try our best to satisfy our customers.

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