custom stainless steel tumblers with handle


This customized stainless steel drink tumbler adopts double walled insulated with 40oz and comes with a handle. Its design style is American, made in Zhejiang, China. Meanwhile, this stainless steel tumbler will provide customers with a lid and straw.

The minimum order quantity for this customized product is 200 pieces. If the customer needs to see the sample in advance, they only need to wait for 7 days. Our packing adopts PP bag with box. We have Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen and Chongqing at the port where we can deliver goods. Customers do not need to worry about our company’s production speed. Our company can produce 500000 customized stainless steel tumblers per month.

The shell of this customized stainless steel tumblers is composed of multiple layers such as electrolytic layer, food grade stainless steel liner, vacuum insulating layer, stainless steel case, base coat and surface process layer.

If the number of customized stainless steel water bottles required by the customer is less than 100, they can be delivered within a week; If the customer needs to customize a quantity of stainless steel water bottles between 100 and 1000, the delivery time will take fifteen days. If the number of water bottles is over 1000, the delivery time will also be relatively extended to 15 days.

Our company has its own design team, so customers can design their own patterns, shapes, and sizes according to their needs or request us to design them for free. If the customer designs and provides us with drawings, our company will provide samples to the customer within 15 working days. If the customer wants to purchase an existing product, the sample can be delivered within 7 working days. In terms of packaging, we use paper packaging that can ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation, and we can design different patterns and text on the paper box according to customer needs. Our company can provide customers with various testing certificates to ensure the rights and interests of consumers. The minimum order quantity for inventory products is usually one carton, and for products without inventory, the minimum order quantity is over one thousand. Our company has sufficient productivity to ensure fast delivery even with large orders. We will respond promptly to customer requests in any situation.

Our transportation team is also very professional. No matter which region or country the customer is located in, we can deliver on time. In short, purchasing customized stainless steel tumblers is definitely the most suitable option for us.

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