custom tumblers with logo


Items with logos are widely used in daily life, so tumblers commonly used by people can also be designed with logos. Custom tumblers with logo can be used as a gift for employees, friends, or parents. Custom tumblers with logos given to employees by companies can be used to promote corporate culture. Customers who purchase Custom tumblers with unique logos as gifts to friends or parents can show them importance and also increase mutual affection. In order to meet the needs of different customers, our company has different logo customization programs to meet their needs as much as possible. In addition to customizing unique logos for customers, our company can also customize the capacity and color of tumbles according to their needs. This custom tumble with a logo comes in standard capacities of 20oz, 40oz, etc. In addition, if the customer has other requirements for capacity, our company can customize tumbles with specific capacities according to the customer’s needs.

Custom tumblers with logo

The tumbler cover has a transparent carrier film, which looks beautiful. The outer wall of the tumbler is colored with powder coating, which can effectively prevent sweat and stickiness, and increase the user experience. This tumbler design is also suitable for various supports, whether you are commuting or driving, it is very suitable.

Besides, the techniques for printing logos include silk screen printing process, laser printing process, UV printing process, water transfer printing process, heat press machine process, steam transfer printing process and many other kinds of techniques. More importantly, the tumbler uses a powder coating, which can prevent scratches. And the packaging of the tumbler comes in different styles, including pure white, kraft paper, transparent plastic, and printed materials. Considering the practicality and safety of the tumbler, stainless steel is used as the default product. Our minimum wholesale quantity is 200, and there is no need to stock up in large quantities. Different procurement quantities also have different prices. 25 to 499 pieces are in one price range, 500 to 1999 pieces are in one price range, and over 2000 pieces are in another price range. Different wholesale volumes correspond to different price points. The more wholesale volume, the greater the discount we offer.

We will try our best to meet all customer’s needs. Our transportation methods include UPS, DHL, SEA TRANSPORTATION and so on. All tumblers are manufactured based on a strict quality control system, with stable batch quality. All tumblers undergo strict quality inspection and processing, helping you save time and costs during after-sales service. All the details are meticulously crafted and look very beautiful. A tumbler with logos not only brings customers a drinking experience, but also meets our daily commuting needs. In addition, we pay special attention to customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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