custom tumblers


Our company provide appearance, mold, logo, packaging box and a series of customized services. The customers need to offer us original design documents such as PDF, AI and other formats if they have their own design. These documents can provide details for our designers so that the final produced product meets customer expectations. The print on the custom tumblers can be printed through six methods: laser, silk screen, UV/3D, heat transfer printing, gas dye printing, and water sticker. Our company’s customization technology is mature, and customers can decide whether to mass produce after reviewing the samples in advance.

custom tumblers
custom tumblers

In order to ensure the safety of our customers’ products, we strictly supervise every step from raw material procurement to packaging, and only products that meet quality inspection standards can be sold. Before packaging, our sales personnel will confirm the product with the customer. Before shipping, we will reinforce the outer box to avoid damage caused by shipping. 

Our transportation methods are diverse, including air freight, express delivery, sea freight, and railway. For the convenience of our customers, our company provides door-to-door services in most countries or regions. At the same time, customers can also choose suitable routes according to their timeliness needs. Our company will do our best to meet the needs of our customers.

The lid design of this custom tumbler has a transparent sliding piece. This product has a capacity of 20oz, 30oz, 40oz to choose from. If customers have other requirements for capacity, they can contact our staff at any time for customization. The packaging dimensions of this product include 50cm * 50cm * 27cm, 48cm * 48cm * 21cm, 54cm * 54cm * 23cm, 70cm * 58cm * 30cm, etc. The packaging weight of this product includes 10 kilograms, 12 kilograms, 17 kilograms, etc. In addition, to prevent scratches on the cup, this customized cup also uses Powder Coating Extractor.

The production process of this product is as follows. Firstly, cut the stainless steel tube and sharpen it. Then, hydraulic form the sharpened stainless steel tube and perform laser cutting. Then, weld the cup mouth and outsole, and vacuum clean it. The next step is vacuum testing. Qualified products continue to be polished, painted, and printed, and finally packaged.

In short, from cup customization to gift box and packaging customization, a series are based on the specific needs of customers. All designs are aimed at providing customers with a better shopping experience.

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