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Custom Logo

The logo is a unique mark, and Ailin can use different techniques to present different mark effects, so that the exquisite logo and water bottle/tumbler can be integrated.

工厂 拷贝

AILIN Mold Development

Ailin OEM/ODM project aims to provide enterprises or dealers with more personalized and market competitive products. Through the cooperation of professional and efficient design and production departments, we can help you develop products with unique designs and functions of cups, lids and accessories. Whether you have experience in this field or not, we can provide you with professional advice and have extensive experience in turning your ideas into reality.

Custom decorating

Surface decoration is a step after the embryo is produced. Ailin offers a wide range of decorative materials and processes to suit a diverse market.

The environmentally friendly materials used in Ailin can ensure the safe use of human body and are harmless to the environment.

Custom Packaging

Ailin equips water bottle/tumbler with neutral unbranded PP bag + white (color) box packaging.

For customers with special needs, Ailin can provide customized packaging boxes of different materials, different processes, and different shapes, which has highlighted the individuality of the product.

Packaging is related to your market positioning of the products.

Logo design

Ailin designers have full design experience and can design exclusive logos for you! If you want to create your own brand image but lack a design team, we can meet your needs. You only need to tell us your ideas, and we can create a unique logo for you, whether it is placed on a water bottle, tumbler or flask, it can make your product more distinctive.

Packaging design

Ailin packaging box design is usually based on the shape, color, material and logo of the water bottle/tumbler. Select the matching box shape and surface pattern to expand the design, which can increase the aesthetics and protection of the water bottle/tumbler.