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Custom decorating

Surface decoration is a step after the embryo is produced. Ailin offers a wide range of decorative materials and processes to suit a diverse market.

The environmentally friendly materials used in Ailin can ensure the safe use of human body and are harmless to the environment.

The variety of decorations available

  • Polishing

Polishing is aimed at obtaining a smooth surface or a specular gloss. When polishing, the high-speed rotating polishing wheel (circumferential speed of 20 m/sec or more)is pressed on the workpiece to cause the abrasive rolling and micro-cutting on the surface of the workpiece, thereby obtaining the bright Machined surface.

  • Powder coating

The coating powder does not need thin materials, construction environmental protection, non-toxic to human body: Excellent coating appearance, strong adhesion, high mechanical strength, spraying curing time is short; Coating corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, environmental protection, non-toxic.

  • Rubber paint

It is in a matte or semi-matte state, with a delicate and smooth feel, and an elegant and solemn appearance. Excellent scratch resistance, weather resistance and abrasion resistance. In line with green environmental protection printing, without any damage to the human body. Excellent workability and good adhesion.

  • Electroplate

The electroplating process is a method of laying a layer of metal on the conductor by the principle of electrolysis, which can enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal (the corrosion-resistant metal is mainly used for the electroplating metal), increase the hardness, prevent the abrasion, improve the conductivity, the smoothness and the resistance. Heat and beautiful appearance.

  • Matt paint

It is mainly made of varnish, mixed with an appropriate amount of matting agent and auxiliary materials. After spraying, the reflectivity of the paint surface will be reduced, and the paint surface will be foggy and softer.

  • Spray paint

A method of applying a uniform and fine mist droplet to a surface of an object to be coated by means of air pressure by means of a spray gun Low cost and environmentally friendly paint.

  • Rainbow paint

An art paint that enhances the aesthetics of the product, it will show a magical color change under the light.

Custom color

It is not difficult to choose a good-looking color for the bottle/tumbler. Ailin uses the Pantone color system widely used in the international industry. Each color code is unique. By determining the Pantone code, the paint mixer can determine the standard of the paint.