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AILIN Mold Development

Ailin OEM/ODM project aims to provide enterprises or dealers with more personalized and market competitive products. Through the cooperation of professional and efficient design and production departments, we can help you develop products with unique designs and functions of cups, lids and accessories. Whether you have experience in this field or not, we can provide you with professional advice and have extensive experience in turning your ideas into reality.

工厂 拷贝

How to start developing a new product?

Usually, the development of a new cup includes 4 aspects: shape, scene, material, and drinking method.

  • Shape

Common popular shapes are: straight, with handle, narrow neck, suitable for cup holders, tapered.

  • Scene

Instant use environment: home, office, outdoor, sports, camping, climbing.

  • Material

Metal and Plastic: Stainless Steel Models: #304, #316, #210.

Plastic material: PP, AS, Tritan, PS.

  • Drinking method

Usually includes direct drinking, straw drinking. The difference is in the position of the water outlet.

Process of custom mold

Process of custom mold (1)

Step 1: Submit your requirements/design drawings

Please send us a list of your production requirements for new product, describe your product in as much detail as possible, and reference pictures (manuscripts, sketches, 3D drawings, reference finished products). Ailin’s 3D graphic design is a fee-based item.


Step 2: Confirm/modify the design

Ailin will carry out the preliminary design according to the list, submit the 3D design drawing, and communicate with you for confirmation. Once confirmed, it will not be changed later.

Process of custom mold (3)

Step 3: Quotation & Payment

Ailin will comprehensively calculate the design drawing and list details, and send the final quotation. The payment method is 50% in advance, and the balance payment is paid before the official mold opening.

Process of custom mold (4)

Step 4: Prototype confirmation and mold opening

Ailin produces plastic prototype samples through lathes and officially enters the mold opening process. The prototype can help you understand the appearance and details of the future finished product, but it does not necessarily realize all the functions of the product.

Process of custom mold (5)

Step 5: Mass production

After confirming the sample, Ailin will communicate with you the details of the bulk order, and start mass production and delivery after payment.