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Logo design

Ailin designers have full design experience and can design exclusive logos for you! If you want to create your own brand image but lack a design team, we can meet your needs. You only need to tell us your ideas, and we can create a unique logo for you, whether it is placed on a water bottle, tumbler or flask, it can make your product more distinctive.

Find the right logo combination

  • Badge-style

Presented in the form of text embedded in the graphic.

  • Text

Composed of brand name or abbreviation, based on font design.

  • Graphic

Consists of a recognizable image or icon.

4Abstract graphic
  • Abstract graphic

Composed of abstract geometric forms or symbols.

5Mascot, character
  • Mascot, character

Composed of characters or images, such as founders and milestones.

6Graphic + text combination
  • Graphic + text combination

It is formed by juxtaposing or combining graphics and text.

  • Monogram

It consists of several letters, usually the initials of the company, and is easy to read.

Find the right logo style

  • Minimalism

Remove redundant elements and keep only the core information.

  • Handwriting

Use handwriting or hand-painted effects to express personalization and intimacy.

  • Cropping

Creating a new shape or meaning by cutting out part of a letter or figure.

  • Geometry

Through the splicing or deformation of geometric figures, different effects and meanings are shown.

  • Linear

Use lines or outlines to build the shape and structure of the logo, which is concise and clear.

  • Pattern

Use repeated graphics or symbols to form the whole or part of the logo, which is decorative and recognizable.

  • Illustration

Use painting techniques to express the content and atmosphere of the logo, expressive and imaginative.

  • Gradient

Use gradient colors to increase the three-dimensionality and dynamics of the logo, suitable for technology and innovation fields.

19Use pictures
  • Use pictures

Use real-life photos or pictures as the background or elements of the logo to increase realism and emotional appeal.