Customized Insulated tumbler


There are many types of tumblers that can be insulated, from the material can be divided into plastic, glass, stainless steel and so on. Today we will talk about stainless steel insulated tumbler, stainless steel insulated tumblers are generally vacuum double-layer, can keep cold, can also keep warm.

Inside the stainless steel insulated tumbler there are several classic tumbler, the first 30oz travelling tumbler, as shown in the picture below.

customized Insulated tumbler

The second is a 20oz tumbler for outdoor use, as shown in the picture below.

customized Insulated tumbler

The third one is a 12oz mug for drinking beer or coffee, as shown below

customized Insulated tumbler

The 30oz mug is the one I want to focus on today. Firstly, it has a large capacity, which is enough for me to drink half a day at a time if I fill it with water, and enough for me to feel the delicious taste of beer if I fill it with beer. Then it’s shaped appropriately to fit in my car’s tumbler holder so I can easily drink while driving. Coupled with a clear lid with a seal, the water doesn’t spill. It also comes with a straw, which is handy when drinking ice water.

customized Insulated tumbler will be funny. In addition to the ease of use, this tumbler can be sprayed with different colors, Pantone colors can be achieved, as well as also put some patterns or logos on the body of the tumbler. it can be made very personalized, this tumbler we have done hundreds of patterns of customization, you can contact our customer service if you are interested.

Then the size of this tumbler is 7.2cm*19.4cm, if it is wholesale, we will use a box with 25 pieces, the size of the box is 54cm*54cm*23cm, about 12kg. Of course, you can also customize the box to contain 12, 16, 20, or other quantities in one box. Then because it is double-layer stainless steel, and the vacuum between the two layers of stainless steel, so it can keep warm for up to 8 hours, and keep cold for up to 12 hours, this is a reference value, it will be different in different environments and temperatures.

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