Custom tumbler cup process


We are a professional OEM and ODM supplier, we provide customers with deeply custom tumbler cup services.

Step 1: Communicate product requirements

We will communicate with you to know the specific needs of the product, including appearance production method, pattern design method, logo design, package design, logistics, timeliness, production cycle, etc., and we will provide a one-stop solution to build up your brand.

Step 2: Mocking up for your goods

Based on your requirements, our engineering team will finish specific mock up and prepare for production after your approval for that.

Step 3: Quotation and Payment

After all your requirements are met, we will provide a quote on product cost and logistics. After you payment, PI will be issued to you;

Step 4: Mass production

After receiving full payment and sample approval, we start mass production. The lead time for mass production is 7 days and above depending on the product quantity and requirements. For custom-designed smart water bottle projects, it takes even longer.

Step 5: Shipping

We will work with your freight forwarder to arrange shipment. If you have no experience importing from China, we can handle the entire logistics and arrange door-to-door shipping worldwide.

Why choose us

Ailin Galaxy provides quality services in design, development, and production of your brand. We provide one-stop solutions and the most competitive prices. We are constantly researching new products and bringing them to you to enrich your brand influence.

Quality control and privacy protection

All products are strictly designed to meet global quality standards, and are tested and certified by relevant testing agencies. Each unit undergoes extensive, authoritative testing and quality control. We have a professional inspection department to ensure that our customers only receive quality finished products. We attach great importance to quality management, so our customers never worry about quality issues and can focus on their own sales.

We can customize products you want

Founded in 1994, Ailin galaxy has grown from a designer and manufacturer of vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles and coffee cups to a global leader in the research and production of beverage vessels and containers. We provide customized high-end OED&ODM double wall vacuum insulated water bottles, coffee mugs, coffee mugs, coffee pots, kettles, travel mugs, food cans, beer pints, beer growlers, wine glasses, water bottles, tritan bottles, plastic bottles. We can provide you with efficient service.

We are here to offer you best service

With over 29 years of experience in this field, we offer some of the most comprehensive technical support programs in the drinkware and container industry. For customer support, we can serve your needs 24/7; experienced service team will respond to all your inquiries within 24 hours.

We love our jobs. We bring passion and commitment to every project we involved in. All in all, if you want a partner who cares about your business, the best choice is us.

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