Customized travel mugs


With the development of social economy and the rise of tourism industry, travel has become the best choice for us to relax in our leisure life. More and more people are choosing to travel, but now bottled water or beverages in most scenic spots are much more expensive than usual. The insulated travel mugs become a necessity for travel. However, the quality of travel mugs on the market varies, making it difficult to choose a satisfactory mug.

Our customized travel mugs are different from ordinary travel mugs on the market. It uses double-layer stainless steel material, vacuum insulation, and can maintain heat for 7 hours and cold for about 11 hours, with high insulation. The lid is made of non-toxic and BPA free polypropylene material. There are transparent glass slides on top, and there are various styles available. You can choose with or without a straw, as well as a silicone or plastic cover. No matter which one you choose, we have a flexible sealing strip between the lid and mug, which can effectively prevent beverage leakage and heat loss. In this way, we can all enjoy our favorite hot and cold drinks for a long time during our travels. You can also freely choose the handle. If you prefer the design with a handle, our custom travel mug features a T-shaped handle that tightly welds the handle onto the mug. This design conforms to ergonomics and has a comfortable feel. Even if we hold it for a long time, we won’t feel tired. The advantage of our customized travel mug is that you can customize it freely, including but not limited to capacity, printing, color, lid and handle, and more.

insulated travel mugs

The customization functions of this mug mainly include the following aspects.

Firstly, it is the capacity of the mugs. This water mug comes in seven sizes: 12 oz, 14 oz, 20 oz, 30 oz, 40 oz, 380 ml, and 510 ml, or customized. These are only specific information about seven common capacities. If you have any other size information you need, please contact us for specific inquiries. Secondly, there is the design of the mug lid. In terms of color, we provide you with two options: transparent mug lid and black mug lid; In terms of mug lid shape, we divide it into two types: with a straw and without a straw. You can customize these according to your preferences. There are also color options available, and we offer you 48 available colors to choose from. You can also send us a color chart and we will customize your own exclusive colors. Finally, there is customization of logos and prints. We provide OEM manufacturing services and can process products based on the designs you send. Our printing processes include laser, screen printing, 3D printing, gas dye printing, and so on.

As a professional custom water mug company, we have customization capabilities and rich OEM experience. You can trust us to customize with confidence. We just want to make simple things not simple and serve every customer well.

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