Custom standard mouth water bottle with your design


Our company have professional online service personnel who can answer customer questions in a timely manner within one hours during working hours. 

Our funny water bottles come in five different specifications: 8*25,9*22,9*27,7*26,7.3*24,etc. There are ten different styles of lids for customized stainless steel water bottles to choose from. In addition, customized stainless steel water bottles come in 33 pre mixed colors or various colors that consumers like to choose from. Customized stainless steel tumblers come in three types of caps: wood, stainless steel, and plastic, and additional handles can be added according to customer needs. There are also three ways to make the logo of a water bottle, including silk screen printing process, laser printing process and UV printing process. Our packaging is uniformly made of rectangular cardboard boxes.

funny water bottles

If the number of customized stainless steel water bottles required by the customer is less than 500, they can be delivered within a week; If the customer needs to customize a quantity of stainless steel water bottles between 500 and 3000, the delivery time will take fifteen days. If the number of water bottles is over 3000, the delivery time will also be relatively extended to 20 days.

In addition, this product is also available for customization with different logos. As long as the customer and we put forward the demand, we will try to meet the customized requirements as much as possible. We can supply 250,000 customized stainless steel water bottles a month. Whether the customer wants to buy one or a thousand, we are able to ship within fifteen days. If the customer is not sure about the quality of the product, we can provide the customer with a free sample, only need the customer to pay for carriage. It has the function of vacuum insulation. Its lid has transparent slide.

Customizing different stainless steel water bottles also has different requirements for the order quantity. If the customer purchases a water bottle in stock, then one can be purchased. But if the customer requests customized water bottles with logos, or customized water bottles with different packaging, or customized stainless steel water bottles with certain graphics, the minimum order quantity needs to reach 200. Due to different customization costs, customizing special stainless steel water bottles requires an order quantity of 200 before our company can begin production. Tens of thousands of units have been sold for this product, and most of the feedback from customers has been positive.

In short, this product has always been loved by customers. Our company has also been committed to meeting the drinking water needs of our customers. I believe you will not regret choosing our product.

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