Custom your mugs with logo


This custom big coffee mug with logo is made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel material, and the lid is made of polypropylene, a non-toxic and BPA free polypropylene material. It adopts double-layer stainless steel layer and vacuum insulation technology, which can provide 8 hours of insulation and 12 hours of cold insulation, ensuring good insulation performance. The 304 stainless steel material makes this mug durable and long-lasting. And it can be reused. This also better protects the environment. Whether we are working, traveling, or working from home, we can enjoy our favorite hot and cold drinks for a long time. Another thing is the design of the handle. The handle adopts a T-shaped design, which tightly welds the handle onto the mug. The handle design of this custom mug conforms to ergonomics and provides a comfortable feel. Even if we hold it for a long time, we won’t feel tired. The most important thing is that this custom mug can be customized freely, and the design of the mug body is also very simple and elegant. The color selection is soft, and the logo of the customizable version can showcase quality and artistic atmosphere.

big coffee mug

The customization functions of this mug mainly include these.

Capacity customization. This water mug comes in four sizes, namely: 12 ounces (354 milliliters), 14 ounces (413 milliliters), 20 ounces (591 milliliters), 30 ounces (887 milliliters) or customized. The 12 ounce mug has a mouth size of 87.1mm, a base size of 87.9mm, and a height of approximately 110mm; The 14 ounce mug has a mouth size of 99.6mm, a mug base of 99.8mm, and a height of approximately 100mm; The mouth size of the 20 ounce mug is 87.1mm, the base of the mug is 87.9mm, and the height is approximately 163mm; The 30 ounce mug has a mouth size of 87.1mm, a base size of 87.9mm, and a height of approximately 212mm. These are only specific information about the four common capacities. For other size information, please contact us for specific inquiries.

Color customization. This custom mug is painted first, then sublimated with paint, followed by powder coating, and finally vacuum electroplated to form the color of the bottle body. Durable coating can prevent scratches on the mug body. We have seven basic colors, but you can choose any color to customize in the Pantone color matching system. This color is very soft and has a protective effect on our eyes.

Logo customization. We provide OEM manufacturing services, and we can process products according to the customer’s design. In terms of appearance, you can choose any exterior coating, mainly including powder coating, spray painting, and UV electroplating. In terms of text, you can choose between screen printing and laser engraving. In terms of image and printing, you can choose UV 3D/5D printing, paint transfer printing, and heat transfer printing. Our technologies are all very mature. If your product needs to be printed with a special or representative logo, feel free to contact us at any time. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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