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How does the sublimation tumbler achieve the transfer of patterns?

Like other products, the tumbler can also be transferred by spraying paint. This sublimation paint is a transparent water-based paint that adds a sublimation layer to the surface of the sprayed tumbler without blocking the original color and pattern of the tumbler. At high temperatures, the coating reacts with the pigment, leaving the pattern.

Consumers can design their own sublimation tumbler patterns. First, the favorite pattern is printed out with special ink and printer paper, tightly wrapped around the surface of the tumbler. Then, put the tumbler into the machine to heat, and you can get a tumbler of your own design after the end.

AILIN GALAXY produces sublimation tumblers in different shapes and colors for customers with customized needs. Whether you have a design or not, AILIN can provide the corresponding solution. If you provide the design drawing, we will strictly follow the details of the design drawing production; If you have no design ability, we can design according to your idea and start production after your confirmation.

If you have any questions about the customization and design, please refer to the sublimation tumbler page or through the submission information on the right, we will proactively contact you.

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