How about the Hydro Flask water bottles


There are a lot of famous drinkware brands in the world, their products are sold all over the world, hydro flask is one of the brands with a very personal design element. Next, let’s interpret the brand together.

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Hydro flask was founded in 2009 when Travis Rosbach, the founder of Hydro Flask, was on vacation at the beach and found that the cold drink he was carrying with him was slowly becoming room temperature. So, he wondered if there could be a water bottle that would allow us to get the temperature we want whenever and wherever we want, and in order to better protect the environment, the United States created the brand – hydro flask. It is the brand’s mission to save the world from being lukewarm. hydro flask’s logo is a human-like shape, with five vertical lines resembling the shape of the sun on the head, followed by a smiley mouth with open limbs below, and the shape of the entire logo is very similar to that of a vibrant little man.

In 2011, in just two years, hydro flask thermos sales have exceeded 1 million, which reflects people’s pursuit and concern for the use of healthy living products, but also shows that consumers recognize and approve of hydro flask brand cups. In 2014, hydro flask has been listed in Inc magazine for two consecutive years, becoming the fastest growing 500 companies in the shortest time. Inc Magazine is the only one in the United States to review the 500 fastest-growing innovative companies in the United States, which are now responsible for more than half of the country’s GDP and most of its job growth. hydro flask made the list for the second year in a row, which also shows how fast it is growing. In 2016, hydro flask won the German Red Dot Design Award, which represents its independent research and innovation ability. In 2017, hydro flask settled down and no longer focused on winning some awards, but turned to the direction of protecting the environment, advocating reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles and increasing the use of stainless steel water bottles to better protect water resources.

Hydro flask’s stainless steel water bottles use TempShield vacuum double-wall insulation technology to preserve beverages at any temperature. Even in the cold winter, it has a strong insulation effect, which can last for 12 hours, so that you can drink hot water at any time. Even in the hot summer, its cooling effect is nothing to say, can be up to 24 hours. If you are concerned about its safety, it is made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and the strength and purity of the water bottle are used in high-end food utensils. The bottle is hard and will not be deformed, whether it is drinking tea or drinking milk, there will be no residual taste. The internal coating does not contain bisphenol A, blocking the production of harmful substances, so that we can rest assured every time we drink water. The water bottle is coated with non-toxic powder mist, which makes the bottle smooth and does not leave fingerprints to the touch, making it more resistant to scratching and dirt than ordinary water bottles. There is also any cup under the hydro flask brand, the bottle will be equipped with silicone tote rope, no matter where we walk can easily carry.

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