How Hydrogen Bottle Works


The water cup market can also reflect consumers’ pursuit of health.

Recently, a product called “Hydrogen Water Cup” has become one of the most popular items on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Although the price is high (the unit prices of some even reach 300 usd), many consumers are still willing to buy them and the sales volume is not low. In fact, the appearance of this product is the same as that of an ordinary glass, so how does it function to turn ordinary water into water with health value, which countless consumers flock to?

First, we need to briefly understand what “hydrogen-rich water” is. Hydrogen-rich water is a colorless and odorless drug with dissolved foam. Its appearance is no different from ordinary water. However, some studies have found that hydrogen-rich water has the effects of weight loss, antioxidant, and even prevention and treatment of hypertension and other diseases. And “hydrogen” It is undoubtedly an important factor. However, the dissolution rate of hydrogen in water is very low. Hydrogen-rich water cups increase the dissolution rate through some certain methods, or consumers can directly absorb it through special suction mouths. This process is simple but critical to drinking water safety.

The first method is intermittent hydrogen production. Even if platinum is used, oxygen and oxygen are produced through intermittent water, but this process will produce harm and chlorine gas that are harmful to the human body. In this case, a colored core can be used to absorb the sixth gas. However, the filter core is a consumable item. Safety cannot be completely guaranteed.

Using pure water electrolysis can improve this situation, but pure water is almost non-conductive and the hydrogen production efficiency is very low. Using pure water electrolysis can improve this situation, but pure water is almost non-conductive and the hydrogen production efficiency is very low.

The second method is to use the electrolysis method of proton membrane hydrogen and oxygen separation. This electrolysis produces hydrogen at the cathode and discharges it into the water. All substances produced at the anode, such as oxygen, ozone, or residual chlorine, are discharged from the cup and do not enter the water. .

The costs of the above two methods are very different, so you can find them on the market for tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars.

The effect of hydrogen water on the human body is still controversial. Some people actually feel physical changes after drinking hydrogen-rich water for a long time, but many people think that it is no different from ordinary water and it is just a selling Just a gimmick. There is currently no definite evidence to prove that hydrogen-rich water Hydrogen water is really beneficial to the human body. But regardless of whether a hydrogen water cup actually works, it’s not a cure-all. Sellers should uphold a realistic attitude and not over-promote or even deceive customers. As consumers, we should also remain rational and not blindly follow trends. The most important thing is to choose what suits you.

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