How long should be a drink kept cold in a thermos


We all know how nice it is to add some ice to your drink on a hot summer day. While ice is a great way to keep drinks cool, they only stay cool for a short period of time because they melt quickly. If you put a lot of ice in a thermos, then pour about a third of the cold water into the bottle, then place the insulation somewhere out of direct sunlight or hot summer weather, your drink should be good for 24 Stay cool for hours. .

If you use Ailin flask thermos for metal and fill it half with ice and the other with cold water, you can probably keep it cold like 12-18 hours.

By Using ice and two-thirds cold water, you can keep it cool for up like to 6-12 hours.

Also, only for cold water, the Ailin Tumbler will stay on for about 2-6 hours.

flask thermos

This also depends on the temperature for outside condition. If it’s too hot, the time will be shorter. But our Ailin glasses did a good job of keeping the water cold for long time.

Stainless steel thermos cup

Why your thermos keep cannot keep water cold?

If you find that your thermos isn’t keeping its heat, here are some reasons you needs to figure out

Damaged vacuum insulation

One of the reasons your thermos isn’t staying cold and keeping your drinks cold is that the vacuum insulation may get damaged, or the insulation may get damaged or exposed to moisture. In this way you may need to buy a new one.

it is exposed from the sunlight

External heat makes a bad influence how long the cup keeps the water cold. If you leave your water bottle in the hot days for a long time , the temperature may get very high, which will make the water in the thermos heat faster.

The best way to hold your drink is to keep it in a cold place and out of direct sunlight.

Your ice is not cold

Your refrigerator is makes ice much cooler than freezing. This way shows that it requires a lot of heat. A gas station refrigerator or ice machine will usually provide you with ice at a temperature above 0°F (-18°C). That will be closer to its melting  and melts faster.

Make sure to use the coldest ice to load your Ailin Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler.

Add more ice as u want

Ice in the thermos may melt because you didn’t put enough ice. You can fill a bottle with water and add less ice, but it won’t be enough to keep you drinking cold whole day. However, if you fill Ailin’s water glass two-thirds full with water and add some frozen water, Ailin’s insulated cup will keep the ice cubes longer and your drinks will stay colder.

If you put warm or tap water into an Ailin thermos, ice at the temperature will begin to melt . Larger ice also lasts longer than smaller ice because the bigger the ice, the better.

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