How to Choose a Flask?


There are all kinds of stainless-steel thermos sold on the today’s market, and the prices vary greatly. Some consumers, they do not know how to choose a bottle and they spend a lot of money but cannot a right one. How can I buy a high-quality vacuum insulation coffee tumbler personalized?

First, Check the appearance of the mug whether get polishing of the inner and outer wall get  consistent, and scratches;

Second, check whether the mouth of tumbler weather smoothly or consistent, which main point to influence the feeling of drinking. Thirdly, the quality of plastic parts which is effects its quality of tumbler; Fourthly, check whether the internal seal is tighten. the screw plug and lid fit smoothly. Whether it can be screwed in and out easily and its leakage. Filling hot water and shake them for some minutes or shake it to test them for a leakage. Also the thermal insulation habits, which is the key point to a vacuum cup, you can check them by hand after filling it with hot water.

Specifically, there are several ways as follows to check them:

1. Simple ways to test vacuum insulation: pouring boiled water into the vacuum mug .tighten the lid  and keep them for 2-3 minutes. Then touch the outer surface. If the cup lid still warm, it means the vacuum layers has been lost and thermal insulation effect are be used.

2. Sealing: After adding water to it tighten the lid, put them on the table, the mug should be no water leakage site; the lid should be flexible in screw and no gap between them .

3. Check the plastic parts: newly food-grade plastics have much brighter surface, no burr on the surface, longer life service and not easy to broken. dated plastics material. But, recycled plastics got very strong and bad smell. darker color, many burrs on the surface, and the plastic is easy broken .

4. Thickness : the depth of the inner layer basically the same with the outer one, the different rate range is 16-18MM and the mug’s capacity is consistent with the nominal value. Some bad quality mugs put sand into the cup to make up for the lighter weight.


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