How to choose the material of a thermos mug


Vacuum thermos are suitable for the use in winter not only they can keeps warm for a long period of time. We usually default to stainless steel Vacuum thermos . In fact, there are also glass mug, ceramic Vacuum thermos and even plastic Vacuum thermos . But only stainless steel Vacuum thermos insulation works. Stainless steel materials have 304, 201, 316. With so many types of material, how can I choose the material of the stainless steel thermos?

316 stainless steel is a medical grade stainless steel material. Which is mainly used for medical device in hospitals, but it is expensive. The various properties of 316 stainless steel are higher than those of 304 materials; and the various properties of 201 stainless steel are better than those of 304 material. It is much weaker and may even rust after being used for a long time. Some factory in produce Vacuum thermos is used 201 material, and some people will used 201 material Vacuum thermos to do as 304 material Vacuum thermos cheating consumers, so we should pay attention when we buying thermos!

18/8 and 304#

304 stainless steel is also called austenitic 18/8 stainless steel in the industry fileds. It is also known as food-grade stainless steel material. 304 stainless steel can with the safety used for high temperature of 800 degree features. It is the best material for high-quality Vacuum thermos. So when we choose a thermos, 304 material is the best choice!

There is a part of plastic material inside of the lid in most stainless steel Vacuum thermos mugs. Just like the Ailin stainless steel thermos, the plastic materials are used for standards! If the plastic material is not good, it will not only influence the service life of the thermos , but also have a damage on our health! Because the inside of the thermos is in a high temperature for a longer period of the time, the plastic material also withstands high temperatures. It is recommended to choose PP plastic material, which is the best choice for the plastic material inside part of the lid of the thermos.

When we are choosing a thermos mug , we must also use the thermos material correctly. When we are using a thermos mug to make tea or other drinks, only know the correct use of the thermos material, we can be used them safely, so that we use them healthily.

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