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Ailin Research and Development team here are some suggestions for you.

Want to design and produce your own thermos water bottle for your brand? How to design a vacuum stainless steel water bottle with good thermal insulation quality in best and cheap way? This is quite a problem faced by many designers.

thermos water bottle

Vacuum insulation bottle is quite different compared with one-layer stainless steel water bottle. That is the key point become difficult of production of layers between the inner and outside one. Most of the design’s drawing have unreasonable designs according to production real experience, and even under our Ailin guidance the best manufacturing technology in the vacuum mug fields and manufacturing equipment for mug in the world, Ailin is still hard to manufacture for some parts. In many projects, designers do not involve into the production characteristics of vacuum mug. Starting from manufacturing side of view, layer thickness, stainless steel clearance, and all mug’s drawing need to be modified time after time. For save designers and production time, Ailin R&D recommends below:

thermos water bottle

The gap of the inner and outer layer

Bottle spacing distance: between the inner side of wall and the outer layer is between 2mm-3mm,no less than the minimum is 2mm. We must do one vacuum layer with enough space within 3mm to show the good insulation habits; the bottle space at the bottom side distance: The gap is 10mm, and the min value is not below 8 mm. If the distance are too small,he bottom of the outer layer will be deformation after the vacuuming production proceed finished because the air pressure and the bottom of the inner layer.


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