How to quickly judge product quality


When we get a new thermos cup, how can we judge its quality in a short time? The method is almost the same as appreciating cultural relics.But it is not that professional and complicated. It only takes a few steps to initially determine the product quality.

The information received by the eyes is the most real and direct. The moment we see the product, many things become clear. Put the cup under the light and observe its luster from different angles. There will be almost no flaws in the cup of good quality, while in the cup of inferior quality, some bending of light can be found on the surface, which is caused by small scratches. In addition to the outer wall, the inner liner is also important. Some cup linings are dull and rough, while others are smooth, which reflects the difference in material quality and craftsmanship. In addition, there may be more conspicuous bulges or depressions, which illustrates the accuracy of the mold. If it is a cup with a logo, you should also observe whether the color is bright and accurate, place it under light, and observe whether the ink particles are evenly distributed.

How to quickly judge product quality

You can also compare the quality of some products through touch. The most obvious thing is the smooth and rough feel. For coated cups, the smoother the surface is, the smoother it will be. For uncoated cups, it is a matter of material and mold. Weight also speaks to material quality. For example, a thermos cup made of 304 stainless steel food-grade material is heavier than a thermos cup made of 201 stainless steel.For example, for a 20oz car cup, the weight difference between an inner tank with a thickness of 0.5mm and an inner tank with a thickness of 0.4mm is far more obvious than the difference in thickness of 0.1mm.

How to quickly judge product quality

In addition, there are the following points that can help judge the quality of the cup: firstlt,the cup lid. We can check if it is exquisite processing,with highly precision, and fit perfectly with the cup body. Secondly,the cup mouth thread. If the mouth of the cup is round and thick, the threads are smooth and standard, and the screwing is smooth, noise-free, and effortless on the wrist. Thirdly,the  return cover. The material is of high quality, has no odor, and will not react chemically with water droplets. At the same time, it can allow water droplets to flow back into the cup along the lid and prevent them from dripping out of the cup. The last point,the bottom of the cup. For example, thickening the bottom of the cup and using special processes to draw out water ripples can improve the practicality of the cup.

Consumers can use the above methods to initially judge product quality, quickly identify whether the product is good or bad, and safeguard their consumer rights in a timely manner. At the same time, manufacturers, sellers, and middlemen should also use these points as quality standards for inspecting products and strive for excellence.

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