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Material Guide

Through continuous cooperation and communication with customers all over the world, Ailin has obtained feedback from customers, helping us to improve product quality and safety. The control of raw materials in Ailin production line ensures the high quality of water bottles/tumblers.

Production Flow

The production of the insulation bottle seems simple but there are many links. The negligence of any link may cause the lack of the appearance or function of the water bottle/tumbler. In production, Ailin requires workers to follow strict standard processes to operate, and do their best to improve the pass rate.

Product Inspection

Whether it is in materials or production, Ailin has always followed the high standards of the industry. As a merchant or consumer, without professional testing technology, you can use a simple method to distinguish the quality of water bottles/tumblers.

Stainless steel Treatment

The surface treatment of stainless steel determines the aesthetics, durability, corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning of the water bottle. In production, Ailin adopts various processing methods according to the shape and usage scenarios of the water bottles/tumblers.