Insulated wine tumbler


At present, stainless steel barware has gradually become the choice of everyone. The thermal insulation function can maintain the temperature of the wine and taste better, which is not available in glass.

personalized wine tumbler
personalized wine tumbler

1.The necessity of the insulated wine tumbler

A personalized wine tumbler is a utensil used for drinking alcohol. Most basic types are straight or open, with the diameter of the rim almost equal to the height of the wine tumbler. With the continuous expansion of the market demand and export growth in the wine tumbler industry, our company also attaches great importance to the production of wine tumblers.

2.The quantity and delivery time of the insulated wine tumbler

If the customized quantity of insulated wine tumbler is within 100, our company will complete the order within one week. If the quantity of customized insulated wine tumbler exceeds one hundred but does not exceed one thousand, our company will complete the order within ten days. If the customer needs to customize more than a thousand wine tumbler, the completion time of the order needs to be communicated with the customer based on the specific production speed. Before the formal production of the product, we will provide free samples to customers and wait for them to confirm before proceeding with formal production.

3.The advantages of the insulated wine tumbler

Firstly, our company has ultra-efficient transportation capabilities. We can use land, sea, air and other methods to deliver orders as quickly as possible. Secondly, our company has a long working experience and provides comprehensive after-sales services, enabling us to provide customers with comprehensive consulting services. Whether it is product design or materials used for production, our company can provide professional consulting opinions for customers. Finally, our company’s products are deeply loved by customers, and many old customers customize insulated wine tumbler for our company precisely because of our high-quality, eco-friendly, and cost-effective products.

4.The color and capacity of the insulated wine tumbler

We offer dozens of colors to choose from for this insulated wine tumbler. Customers can directly choose ready-made colors. Meanwhile, if customers do not like the colors, they can directly contact us to customize special colors. The regular capacity of this insulated wine tumbler is 12oz, and the capacity of the insulated wine tumbler can also be customized.

5.The service of the insulated wine tumbler

This product has dedicated after-sales service personnel to answer customer inquiries from the time the customer confirms the customized sample until receiving the product. Our company adheres to the concept of putting everything for the customer and focuses on producing products and services that satisfy customers.

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