Large capacity tumbler, easily meet the daily water intake


40oz tumbler with handle, with a diameter of 99 mm, a bottom diameter of 75 mm, a height of 270 mm, a capacity of 40 ounces.

The 40oz insulated tumble has a vacuum double wall design to ensure good insulation. No matter which season we are in, we can enjoy our favorite hot and cold drinks for longer. Stay hydrated throughout the day when you go outside. Made of high-quality food grade 304 stainless steel, this material makes this tumble durable and reusable. The most important thing is the design of the handle, which is ergonomic and comfortable to feel, and the design of this glass is suitable for EUP support, whether you are commuting or driving. It can also make it easier for us to carry. At the same time, the design of the tumble body is also very simple and generous, the color is used in soft colors, and the logo can be customized at will to highlight the quality and artistic atmosphere.

The main features of this tumble are as follows.

The handle adopts a T-shaped design, so that the handle is tightly welded to the tumble . The handle is also made of silicone film material, which allows all fingers to hold the water tumble with confidence, and can be more comfortable when holding it. The shape of the handle is also elegant, and the whole body looks more advanced.

Ordinary custom logos with plastic covers are made of AS materials and cost more. The lid is made of polypropylene and uses a silicone lid that better seals the straw and prevents dust from getting in, while also supporting a low-cost custom logo, which greatly reduces costs.

The coffee tumbler with lid comes in a variety of colors. The tumble color is based on Pantone’s digital rigorous color matching system and process. First, it’s painted, then it’s painted with sublimation, then it’s painted with powder, and then it’s vacuum plated to create the color of the tumble . The tumble is coated with a durable coating to prevent scratches.

The quality is good. All tumblers are manufactured based on strict quality control system, the whole batch quality is stable, all tumblers are subjected to strict quality inspection treatment, to help you save time and cost during the after-sales period. All the details are well made and look beautiful. And the vacuum performance is very good, the tumble can be kept warm or cold for several hours, you can enjoy the drink anytime, anywhere.

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