Large volume tumbler for travel


A large- volume, easy-to-drink tumbler will easily solve the problem of rehydration on long trips, and the cup holder-friendly is designed to be easily held and placed even while driving.

1. Product capacity

The 40oz tumbler with handle has a capacity of 40 ounces and comes in two shapes, one with a slender mouth and one with a wide and fat mouth. The diameter of the mouth is 87 mm, the diameter of the bottom of the cup is 68 mm, and the height is about 257 mm. The diameter of the wide mouth is 98 mm, the diameter of the bottom of the cup is 75 mm, and the height is 260 mm.

2. Product material

2.1 Tumbler material

This tumbler is made of 18/8 stainless steel, which allows the tumbler to be reused and durable. Stainless steel can keep the drink cold for up to 10 hours in summer, and keep the drink hot for up to 6 hours in winter, so that we can drink a cold drink even in the summer when the temperature is high, and drink a hot water to warm the body in the winter when it is cold.

2.2 Tumble cap and straw material

The tumble cap is made of polypropylene material, which is better than ordinary plastic to seal the tumbler and prevent liquid leakage. So that we can take, put and drink water with more peace of mind. Straws are food-grade plastic straws that can be reused for a long time.

3. Product design

3.1 Handle Design

The tumbler also uses a C-shaped handle design, and the handle material is made of silicone material. This design will make the handle tightly connected to the cup, even if held for a long time, will not break. Silica gel can make us more comfortable when holding the water cup in our hands, and will not cut our hands. The shape of the handle also looks nice, and the whole tumbler will look more advanced.

3.2 Color Design

The 40oz tumbler comes in 11 basic colors: red, gray, blue, black, yellow and green. Our color spraying is carried out in a very strict process, first of all, the bottle is painted, then the tumbler is sprayed with powder coating, and finally the vacuum electroplating technology is used to form the final color of the tumbler. The color formed under this strict process can prevent external scratching and extend the service life of the tumbler.

4. Order quantity

The minimum order quantity of this cup is 200 pieces, and the price will be adjusted accordingly with the increase of the order quantity, the more the number, the lower the price of the customized cup. The delivery time is also different, if it is less than 500 pieces, our delivery time is 7 days; 500 to 3000 pieces, the delivery time is 15 days; Up to 3000 pieces, it will take about 20 days. If the order is too large, we need to negotiate about delivery.

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