Learn about the thermal insulation of thermos from S’well


With the development of modern society, people’s lives are becoming more and more affluent, allowing us to choose different drinks in life to meet the needs of the body. Coffee, tea, juice and alcohol are the four main ones. For different drinks, the appropriate temperature will have a more comfortable taste. With the development of thermal insulation technology, we can get better-tasting drinks for a longer period of time.

Among insulated containers, the thermos flask is the most commonly used and easiest to use container. It is light in weight and easy to carry. How can a thermos flask better meet the needs of consumers? In addition to decorative features such as shape, color and pattern, thermal insulation performance is the most basic reference standard.

As the most popular water bottle brand in the world. S’well is very unique. S’well comes from the United States. Its classic 500ml water bottle was once popular in the fashion industry and still have a huge influence in the industry.

1. Insulation technology

First, let’s briefly understand the principles of thermal insulation. The transmission of temperature depends on the medium. If the medium is removed or reduced, the temperature will not be transmitted or will be transmitted more slowly. Therefore, as long as we extract the air between two seamlessly welded metals and minimize the contact area of the two metals, we can create a cup with thermal insulation effect.

2. Technology development

As market demand changes, industry technology is constantly updated, mainly reflected in changes in materials. In addition to stainless steel, the inner tank can also be added with a ceramic powder layer. This material can increase the appearance and safety. For the outer shell, wood or bamboo materials can be added to the stainless steel to change the appearance of the thermos cup.

3. What is S’well doing?

In S’well’s product line, in addition to drinkware, there are also food containers. The market only recognizes products with good thermal insulation properties.

3.1 Body design

First of all, most of S’well’s products are designed with thread seals. The lid and cup mouth are locked with threads, and the lid is also fully sealed. The advantage of this is to prevent the liquid from being affected by the ambient temperature and slow down the change of the liquid temperature.

3.2 Structure

Whether it’s water bottles, mugs or tumblers, S’well is made with the same Therma-S’well technology. The core of this technology is to add a layer of material, turning the two layers of stainless steel into three layers. This doesn’t mean S’well welds three layers of stainless steel together. Within the industry, factories often add coatings to the outer surface of the stainless steel liner. The most commonly used is copper ion coating. Before welding, workers put the inner tank into the solution. Through electrolysis reaction, copper ions will be adsorbed on the metal surface. In this way, the copper plating process is completed. Then, the inner and outer layers are welded.

3.3 Vacuum layer

After S’well completes the structure of the cup, it will minimize the vacuum rate of the vacuum layer. To get closer to a vacuum, the vacuum treatment time must be long enough, usually 8-12 hours.

 Through design changes and improvements in insulation technology, S’well solves consumers’ needs for long-term beverage insulation.

Insulation is the basic function of the thermos cup. When purchasing, consumers can get some information by asking about the production details of the product to fully identify the functional integrity of a thermos cup. AILIN is familiar with the entire production process. If you have any questions, you can seek consultation from us.

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