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Hydro Flask has become more and more a fashion trend, not only outdoor people are very willing to use, in recent years, the post-00s and App VSCO fashion generation has become very popular. This craze is spreading at home and abroad, it seems that no matter where we go, we will see someone drinking water with stainless steel bottles, replaced by disposable plastic bottles, and even the use of disposable plastic bottles will become a symbol of environmental protection. In other words, while Hydro Flask is getting hotter, it also reflects a strong awareness of protecting their own health, using repeatable products and protecting the environment.

insulated water bottles

Design philosophy

In fact, Hydro Flask bottles are not cheap, with prices of all of their products ranging from $30 to $50. But the reason Hydro Flask can stay so hot at this high price is because of its vacuum double-wall insulation technology. This technique has a vacuum in the stainless steel of the bottle wall, which prevents heat and cold from being transferred to the outside of the bottle. This strong insulation makes it possible to keep the ice water in the bottle for a long time, even in the hot summer, so that you can cool off anytime and anywhere in the summer. The Hydro Flask also keeps you warm on cold winter days if you pour hot water into it, keeping you warm wherever you are. Hydro Flask’s standard cover also features a honeycomb design, which is 100% liquid leak-proof, so you can always put your water bottle in your carry-on bag. But what really sets the Hydro Flask apart from other vacuum insulated water bottles on the market made with stainless steel technology is its stylish look, unique logo and personalized customization features. In the past, if you just put a sticker on a water bottle, you would still think it was a normal water bottle. But Hydro Flask’s water bottle powder coatings are available in 14 colors, from mint green to mango orange to strawberry red, with unique colors and designs, you’ll always find a color you like. Then there are a lot of limited-edition series and joint series launched, the popularity is reaching the peak. Furthermore, the size of the water bottle can be arbitrarily selected, from a small 12-ounce water bottle to a large 64-ounce bucket. From clamshell water bottle LIDS to horizontal straw LIDS, there’s always a fit. The most amazing thing about Hydro Flask is its customization feature, which allows you to customize a variety of sizes, caps and 14 colors of your choice, as well as a selection of water bottle LIDS, cup carrying rubber straps and bottom materials. Who wouldn’t want to own a unique water bottle as a fashion item?

insulated water bottles

There are many brands of water bottles out there, but if you want to pick a high quality, colorful bottle that will keep your drink cold or hot for hours, and most importantly, if you want to reflect fashion on your social media platforms. Hydro Flask will be the best choice for you.

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