Magnetic automatic stirring cup


Today I don’t want to tell you about the structure, workmanship, and craftsmanship of ordinary cups. . . . . , Today I want to bring you a magnetic physical stirring cup that will surprise you and you will definitely like it, let you love it, and free your hands.

I have seen many cups, nothing more than a higher grade of stainless steel, heavier quality, firm surface spraying, smooth, beautiful, easy to clean, customized according to customer needs, and realize various humanized functions and designs. But there is no functional solution to some difficulties that often occur in people’s lives.

However, the birth of the magnetic automatic stirring cup made me feel that he was different. As soon as this cup appeared, I couldn’t wait to get such a cup directly. It was really convenient.

The moment I got the cup, I was deeply moved by his appearance. The curvature of the cup is natural and round, and the feel is very comfortable. The size is suitable, mini and compact, easy to carry, and can be easily put into a backpack.

The unique shape and curvature design of the handle make you feel super good in hand.

The cup body is made of double-layer food-grade 304 stainless steel, which keeps heat and cold like an ordinary cup.

The lid is made of food-grade polypropylene, which can effectively block dust and increase the duration of cold and heat preservation. It can also help prevent liquid splashing when stirring.

The bottom of the cup has a non-slip rubber pad to reduce the sound of the cup hitting the desktop.

The cup is divided into battery type and charging type. The battery type can be used directly by installing 2 No. 7 batteries, and the charging type is charged through the charging port. After charging, it can be directly removed and used.

During my use, I tried to make coffee. I poured the coffee into the cup and added hot water. I pressed the switch button on the cup and turned on the stirring mode of the cup. I could clearly feel that the coffee was evenly mixed, and the strong coffee aroma slowly overflowed. The aroma was fragrant, which was much more convenient than our usual hand stirring. The whole process took only 6 seconds. Isn’t it very fast? When we stir by hand, we often get clumping and uneven stirring, but this automatic stirring cup stirs very evenly without precipitation. Coffee, milk powder, honey, beverages, brown sugar water, medicine, etc. can all be stirred with this cup. Isn’t this very convenient?

The colors of the cups are mainly fresh and bright: white, light pink, beige, light yellow, light green, etc. If you like other colors, you can customize them.

Similarly, you can design various patterns on the cups according to your needs, and print your logo.

I believe that this cup will be loved by the public, and it will bring you very objective profits. At present, many customers are still booking this cup. There are not many in the market at present, and the competitiveness is not great. You can seize the time and place an order early. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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