Metal water bottles details


1.The style of the metal water bottles

This metal water bottle adopts an American style overall and is made of metal material, thus having good resistance to falls. So, customers can use this metal water bottle when traveling, exercising, or camping. And the metal water bottles have lots of different colors which could be chosen. In addition, the style and style of the bottle can be customized.

metal water bottles

2.The functions of the metal water bottles

To begin with, this metal water bottles have excellent insulation function. For example, The bottle has excellent insulation function. If there is hot water in the metal water bottle, this bottle can maintain the temperature of the hot water in the bottle for nearly 8 hours. Meanwhile, it can also maintain the temperature of the cold water in the bottle. If it’s in summer, the cold water in the bottle can maintain the temperature for 12 hours. Whether it’s working, camping, staying at home, gathering, or driving, this bottle can effectively solve customers’ drinking water problems.

3.The packaging of the metal water bottles

This bottle is uniformly packaged in a PP/bubble bag with a box or customized box according to the customers’ needs. Usually, paper boxes are packaged using methods such as double plug box, buckle bottom box, sunroof hanging box, heaven and earth box. Besides, if the customers need, we can also offer other kinds of box to them.

4.The logo of the metal water bottles

This bottle can be customized with different logos according to customer needs. Our company has mature technology for customizing logos, and currently has technologies such as powder coating, spray painting, UV electroplating, silkscreen, laser engraving, water decal, heat transfer to produce logos. For craftsmanship, we use monochrome printing and local light. For materials of paper, we have art paper, corrugated paper and special paper. We have certification reports from multiple institutions, and our company is trustworthy in both product quality and quantity.

5.The advantages of the metal water bottles

Firstly, this bottle has good insulation function and can maintain hot water temperature for 8 hours and cold water temperature for 12 hours. Secondly, this water bottle uses BPA Free. Thirdly, this water bottle is made of stainless steel material, which is durable and has strong resistance to falls. What’s more, this product is dirt resistant and easy to clean, and can be cleaned directly in the dishwasher. Finally, our company has 20 years of experience for drinkware manufacture, which means we can provide the customers with better products and service.

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