Drinkware carries the human body’s desire for water, and also enriches the fun of drinking water. We are always looking for the right cup for different scenes, and at the same time, the cup must be beautiful, easy to carry, and easy to drink. Of course, the most important thing is that it must be safe and non-toxic. Ailin Manufacturing has always followed such natural laws, working with our partners to discover products with novel design and market value.

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A: For orders without customization requirements, we deliver products in unbranded designs and packaging. If you customize products with exclusive logos and patterns, you need to complete brand (design) registration locally.

A: We strictly supervise every link from raw material procurement to packaging, and only products that meet the quality inspection standards can be sold. At the same time, we are very concerned about the safety of water bottles, and all production materials are made of eco-friendly materials. Before packing, our business staff will confirm the products with you. Before shipping, we will reinforce the outer box to avoid damage caused by shipping.

A: If you are not familiar with the product you are purchasing, we recommend that you request a sample or make a sample. Most of the standard samples are free, we only charge the freight.

A: During the off-peak period, less than 500 pcs: within 10 days; 500-2000 pcs: within 15 days; 2000-10000 pcs: within 25 days; larger orders: to be communicated.

A: We can provide you with a series of personalized customization services including cup shape, material, packing box, accessories, logo, etc.