Ailin Galaxy 3 In 1 Motivational Plastic Water Bottle AG-pb21000

Product Details

•Model: AG-pb21000
•Volume: 2000ml, 800ml, 300ml
•Accessories: straw, handle
•Diameter: 11cm, 7cm, 5cm
•Height: 31cm, 25cm, 21cm
•Lid material: PP/Stainless Steel
•Paint spray
•Eco -friend PC.
•CTN Specification:74*48*33cm 24pcs 9.5kgs


Color blue, pink, grey, black, orange, steel and Custom Pantone color
Surface polish, spray paint, powder coated, rubber paint

A:We offer 10 colors, and the MOQ for custom colors is 2000pcs.

A:Yes, you can choose different colors, combination package or not combination package.

A:You can choose matching sleeves, outdoor use is more convenient.

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