Ailin Galaxy Double Wall Stainless Steel Sublimation Tumbler AG-sst10200


Product Details

• Model: AG-sst10200   • Volume: 20oz
• Diameter: 7.5cm   • Height: 21cm
• Lid material: plastic   • Paint spray/sub coating
• 18/8, food-grade stainless steel.
• Double-wall vacuum-insulated construction designed.   • Hot for 6 hrs, cold for 10 hrs.
• BPA-free and reusable.
• Term of shipping:free shipping from US warehouse(2-5days to door)
• CTN Specification:43*43*25cm 25pcs 10kg


Color white, gold, blue, pink, grey, black, green, steel and Custom Pantone color
Surface polish, spray paint, powder coated, rubber paint, rainbow paint
logo laser engraving, silk screen, 3D printing, heat transfer printing
Packaging box white box, color box, custom design

How to sublimate a tumbler?

In an era of increasing pursuit of personalization, more people will pursue personalized products. Products with DIY features are becoming popular on the market. Cups are the most commonly used daily necessities, and they are the easiest products to show their uniqueness. 

Cups with sublimation coating have become the most popular products because they are cheap and easy to operate. Even if you make your favorite pattern at home, you can easily get started.

The process of DIYing a 20oz sublimation tumbler is very simple and can be completed in about 5 minutes if you are skilled, but there are some precautions. Sublimation tumbler heat press settings and controlling sublimation tumbler time and temp is the key point.

Preparation work: special thermal transfer ink and printing paper, high temperature tape, color printer, special cup baking machine or microwave oven.

1. Select pictures and print

Choose the pattern you like and print it to the right size through the printer mirror image. ❶ You can choose from photos taken, designs or downloaded pictures to print. Share a paid sublimation pictures site below: ❷ You can choose a multi-color printer, a 6-color printer is recommended. ❸ DIY sublimation cups using special consumables. You can buy them in the online store or visit our website: Heat press machine and consumables.

2. Cutting paper

Cut the paper to the appropriate size according to the 20 oz tumbler dimensions for sublimation

3. How to wrap a tumbler for sublimation

Fit the cut pattern tightly to the surface of the tumbler without leaving any gaps. Align the pattern at the seams and secure with high-temperature tape. Then wrap the cup mouth and bottom with high-temperature tape 2-3 times.

4. Preheating and transfer

After the machine is preheated to the preset temperature(170-180℃), put the cup fixed with high-temperature tape into the machine and start transfer. The transfer time is 25-30 seconds. After the countdown is over, take out the tumbler (use anti-scalding gloves).

5. Finished product

Use tools to gently remove the tape and transfer paper to avoid scratching the surface of the tumbler body. During the whole process, be careful not to burn your hands.

Why does my sublimation look faded on tumbler?

The effect of transfer depends on many factors. Such as ink quality, transfer paper quality and controlling sublimation tumbler in convection oven time and temp. The quality of the ink determines the brightness and vividness of the transfer color; the quality of the transfer paper determines whether there will be particles remaining on the paper at high temperatures. Finally, you need to set the temperature and time and adjust them according to the actual effect. Once you start making it, you’ll quickly become proficient.

A:We offer 8 colors, and the MOQ for custom colors is 1000pcs.

A:Yes, you can choose different colors, combination package or not combination package.

A:Sublimation coating is easy for users to DIY. Wrap the pattern and heat it to transfer the pattern to the surface.

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