Purple Yeti cooler


In recent years, with the rise of outdoor sports, more and more people tend to enjoy food outdoors. But in hot weather, keeping freshly made food and cold drinks fresh becomes a headache for many people. The Yeti cooler was born. Since its implementation, it has been well received by many outdoor sports people. The best thing about it is that it can keep food and drinks cold for several days, so that we can enjoy delicious food anytime, anywhere.

1. About cooler products

In this case, people’s demand for can cooler tumbler and cooler boxes will increase. First, Yeti’s can cooler uses the vacuum technology of a thermos, but the diameter of the can cooler is larger and can easily fit into a beverage or beer bottle. In the outdoors, the drinks we take out of the freezer can still taste good when we drink them.

2. The cooler box

We all know, the price of Yeti coolers is not cheap. But why are so many people willing to pay for it?

The purple yeti cooler uses three technologies to maintain low temperatures, namely permafrost technology, interlocking device technology and cold chain locking technology. The permafrost technology allows the pressure of the insulation to be injected into the polyurethane, which allows the temperature to freeze at the time we initially put it in the cooler. The interlocking device technology can create special shapes to form a large insulating barrier at extreme temperatures. In the cold chain technology, there is a sealing pad with freezing properties, which can isolate the outside heat and better lock the cold.

3. Accessories

Its accessories are sold separately. These are freezable ice packs, wheel cooler dry baskets, wheel cooler dispensers, and safety cable lock brackets. The ice pack is $20, the dry basket is $30, the dispenser is $30, and the safety cable house is $40. Moreover, the design of the trolley box is more suitable for handling and carrying. The handle is more comfortable.

We use a specific anchor point that can be easily connected to any card slot. And the wheels are also non-slip designed to prevent the cooler from sliding back and forth.Most importantly, we also provide services for replacing parts. If there are any problems with your handle, lock buckle, anti pulley or washer, you can come to us for replacement at any time. For specific details, please contact our outdoor after-sales personnel. We will do our best to provide attentive service to every consumer.

This purple yeti cooler comes in three sizes to choose from, namely yeti cooler 24, yeti cooler 48, and yeti cooler 60. The internal dimensions are 10.8 inches wide (approximately 27.4cm), 13.4 inches high (approximately 34cm), and 8 inches deep (approximately 20.6cm). The weight is 13.1 pounds (approximately 5.9kg). Yeti cooler 48, external dimensions are 19.8 inches wide (approximately 50.3cm), 20.6 inches high (approximately 52.3cm), and 20.1 inches deep (approximately 51.1cm). The internal dimensions are 14.5 inches wide (approximately 36.8cm), 15.8 inches high (approximately 40.1cm), and 11.4 inches deep (approximately 29cm). The weight is 28.3 pounds (approximately 12.8kg).

Yeti cooler 60, external dimensions are 23.7 inches wide (approximately 60.2cm), 20.5 inches high (approximately 52.1cm), and 20 inches deep (approximately 50.8cm). The internal dimensions are 18.5 inches wide (approximately 47cm), 15.8 inches high (approximately 40.1cm), and 11.5 inches deep (approximately 29.2cm). The weight is 30.6 pounds (approximately 13.9kg).

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