Services related to Amazon

Amazon makes it easy for tens of millions of individuals and businesses to set up their own stores. A variety of product categories have harvested countless consumers. In this context, Ailin can provide order services related to Amazon. Whether you are an Amazon practitioner or plan to open a store, you can easily get the support and cooperation of Ailin, so that your Amazon business can be carried out efficiently.



Through continuous cooperation and communication with customers all over the world, Ailin has obtained feedback from customers, helping us to improve product quality and safety. The control of raw materials in Ailin production line ensures the high quality of water bottles/tumblers.

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Ailin boutique water bottles/tumblers

Ailin’s water bottles/tumblers and accessories will be regularly sent to authoritative quality inspection agencies for testing, and the products materials and specifications that meet the standards will be used as production standards. Ailin’s water bottles/tumblers can be sold normally in all markets. The main certification registration or standards include: BSCI, FDA (USA), LFGB (Germany), CE (European Union).

Shipping & Logistics

For the transportation of products, Ailin follows the requirements of customers. If you ask Ailin to be responsible for the transportation, most countries or regions can provide door-to-door or warehouse-in services. At the same time, you can choose different delivery timelines according to the order situation.


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Ailin Studio

When you want to sell products online or promote offline, the physical picture and advertising pictures of the water bottles/tumblers will help you get more attention. The pictures taken and produced by Ailin through a professional studio will meet your needs. You can get the original pictures of different angles of the water bottles/tumblers for your own design or the advertising pictures designed according to your ideas from Ailin Studio.