Services related to Amazon

Amazon makes it easy for tens of millions of individuals and businesses to set up their own stores. A variety of product categories have harvested countless consumers. In this context, Ailin can provide order services related to Amazon. Whether you are an Amazon practitioner or plan to open a store, you can easily get the support and cooperation of Ailin, so that your Amazon business can be carried out efficiently.


Amazon will put forward the following conditions for the goods in the warehouse:

1. Comply with Amazon’s sales policies and terms;

2. Not violate any laws and regulations;

3. Have sufficient packaging and protection to ensure that they will not be damaged during transportation;

4. Comply with Amazon’s shipping requirements, such as restrictions on weight and size;

5. The product packaging has a unique logo.

Package Size

1.For North America Station, Europe Station, Middle East Station, India Station, Australia Station, and Singapore Station, the size of any side of the carton must not exceed 63.5cm, unless the size of a single piece of goods itself exceeds 63.5cm. The standard carton size of the Japanese station should be within 60cm x 50cm x 50cm.

2.The weight of a single package for North America Station, Australia Station, Singapore Station, Europe Station, and Middle East Station should not exceed 23kg. The requirement for Japan Station is that the maximum weight of carton packaging should not exceed 40KG. The weight of a single carton package for India Station should not exceed 40kg. More than 22.5kg.

The packaging size of more than 90% of Ailin’s water bottle/tumbler will follow the standard of the North American station. If your goods are shipped to FBA, please communicate the size problem in advance, and Ailin will replace the standard cartons for packaging according to requirements.

Amazon label

All goods entering the Amazon warehouse must be pasted with clear barcode labels, which are convenient for scanning when entering the warehouse. You need to obtain the barcode of a single product and the outer box from the backstage of the store and send it to Ailin. We will post all the barcode labels before shipment, and cover them with tape to protect the fonts.

water bottle/tumbler photography

Bright and beautiful images are essential if you want to get more attention on Amazon. Considering that you may not have access to the products or do not have the ability to shoot, Ailin can provide you with the shooting and production of water bottle/tumbler promotional pictures/videos. Ailin’s professional photography studio and photographers will definitely be able to meet your requirements on pictures.